Fewer meetings, more work done

Collaborate using screen, video, and audio messages so you can work on your own time. No account or installation needed 🎉

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Discuss on your own time

Discussing topics over bubbles makes scheduling meetings obsolete. Start conversations immediately and get back to doing real work.

Work on the best idea, not the first idea.

Respond to specific parts of a presentation by recording yourself, your screen, or your voice. Absorb information in your own time and give your feedback without feeling like you need to wait your turn to speak.

Bubbles helps you —

Stay aligned

Give your team the context they need to keep moving forward even when your calendars don't line up.

Help your customers

Provide a scalable hands-on walkthrough to help your customers achieve their goals. Record your screen and send it their way to resolve any issues they run into.

Collaborate anywhere

Have a team member on the other side of the world? Rather than staying up until 2am to talk with them, record your thoughts, send it their way, and get their thoughts by the time you wake up.

Close a deal

Record your screen and talk through your sales presentation without even scheduling a time to meet.

Industry leaders use bubbles

Jeff Morris Jr.

“Bubbles is taking asynchronous collaboration to the next level. Being able to share anything on screen and collaborate with anyone has been a game changer.”

Former Director of Product, Revenue

Shaan Puri

“I take like 1000 screenshots a day, and then do 10 steps to show it to my team. It's janky and requires a ton of back & forth. Bubbles makes this experience so smooth. It's one of those tools like Figma.. once you use it, it's hard to go back.”

Director of Product, Mobile Gaming & Emerging Markets

Renny Chan

“Bubbles is awesome. Super simple to get started, and sharing feedback around specific context has really helped us ship things faster.”

Head of Acquisition

Rodrigo Chiong

“Gosh I love Bubbles. And it doesn't even require a sign up! Simple and useful. They recently added video capture and timestamped comments which are super useful for bug reporting and QA in general.”

Freelance Full-stack Web Developer

Loek Janssen

“Love the simplicity of Bubbles; when I share an idea with a colleague or PM it takes zero effort for then to try and comment. Makes lifecycle of product dev much shorter imo.”

Co-Founder & advisor @ Nova Credit

Nova Credit
Vedika Jain

“Ryan Hoover and I use Bubbles at Weekend Fund: internally and externally to give feedback on websites, app flows and more. It's the best way we've found to give feedback in context. Just show what you mean. There's no going back once you start using Bubbles.”

Chief of Staff @ Weekend Fund

Sebastian Fung

“'Ive been using Bubbles for the past 5 months and LOVE how easy the product is to use, even for non-tech people. Product / design is the obvious use case but I've found that it works well for "consultations" where you want to address specific points within a paragraph.”

Co-founder LendLayer

Arra Malekzadeh

“I've replaced writing lengthy Dropbox Paper docs/Google docs/email explanations with a zillion screenshots embedded with one Bubbles link. Showing > telling.”

Investor at Craft Ventures

Craft Ventures

Take back your calendar

Capture your screen with your thoughts and have a conversation without waiting for a meeting. No account or installation needed 🎉

Add bubbles to chrome - it's free
Create a bubble - it's free
Add bubbles to chrome - it's free