Bubbles for Marketers

Show what you’re talking about

Sharing feedback on visual assets has never been easier.
Give sign-off and check-in with your team without live meetings.

Why marketers love Bubbles

  • Visually comment on a creator’s screen or assets so you can show what you’re talking about and avoid miscommunication.
  • Present briefs, decks, and insights without interruptions. Give and receive thoughtful feedback without feeling rushed.
  • Loop in freelancers and externals without forcing them to create an account using public links.

Sign-off on creative work

Comment at specific timestamps with text, audio, or screenshare.

Smart reminders and deadlines keep everyone unblocked

Give and receive responses on time. Request more time when necessary.

Cut your meeting time in half

  • Bring everyone up to speed with a pre-meeting bubble
  • Loop in those who couldn’t make it to your meeting
  • Conclude a meeting async when you run out of time

Share inspiration

Inspire your team by walking through examples of marketing campaigns you stumble upon.

Creative feedback at its clearest

Reply at a specific timestamps. Point to refer to a specific place on someone’s screen.

Capture visual assets and inspiration from anywhere

Start an async conversation in a single click with our free browser extension.

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