Bubbles for Designers

Stop typing. Start listening.

You can't truly hear your users if you're too busy taking notes. Let Notetaker capture the insights while you guide the conversation.

Why designers love Bubbles

  • Transform user research: Stop furiously typing and switching tabs. Just listen. Bubbles makes synthesis easy with transcripts and action items.
  • Get thoughtful and contextual visual feedback from your team without putting them on the spot in a live meeting.
  • Continue working towards alignment on your time, without scheduling follow-up meetings

More than a list of bullet points

Let stakeholders know when you need input by, and receive their rich feedback in the form of screen shares, text, video and images.

Point to annotate

Stakeholders can reply at specific timestamps on your video, or certain areas on an image, to let you know exactly what they're suggesting and prevent back-and-forth.

Align on your time

Ask clarifying questions and present status updates without crowding your calendar. Use screen recording to walk through your ideas and show off your design.

Make your meetings matter

  • Align with teammates async when meetings get cut short
  • Send a bubble beforehand to get everyone aligned

Use Bubbles on Easy Mode

Start an async conversation with a single click – get our free browser extension.

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