Bubbles for Designers

Boost creativity with focus time

Replace meetings with quick back and forth videos and get back to doing deep creative work. Receive clear visual feedback.

Why designers love Bubbles

  • Avoid miscommunication and rework with thoughtful visual feedback
  • Keep your teammates in the loop without scheduling more meetings
  • Ask ad-hoc questions with context without leaving flow state

Creative feedback at its clearest

Use a mix of text, screen share, and images to give rich context to your conversations.

Point to annotate

Reply at a specific timestamps. Click to point to a specific place on someone’s screen.

Align on your time

Ask ad-hoc questions and present progress without crowding your calendar. Use screen recording to go from specs to designs.

Make the most of meeting time

  • Send a bubble beforehand to get everyone aligned.
  • Conclude meetings async when you run out of time.

Capture visual assets and inspiration from anywhere

Start an async conversation in a single click with our free browser extension.

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