Bubbles for Management

Lead by example

Unblock your team without crowding their calendars. Keep your team on track with smart reminders.

Why business leaders love Bubbles

  • Async-first collaboration enables distributed teams so you can hire the best talent globally
  • Check-in with your team even when your or their calendar is full
  • Provide thoughtful feedback on your time rather than making hasty decisions live

Detailed walkthroughs without live meetings

Rest assured you’re not blocking anyone. Get responses from the rest of your team on time.

Resolve ad-hoc questions while keeping focus time intact

  • Send a bubble beforehand to get everyone aligned.
  • Record your meeting to loop in those who couldn’t make it.

Have to drop off? No need to schedule a follow-up

Close the loop even if you run out of time in a live call.

Keep your team unblocked & get responses on time

Don’t worry about blocking your teammates. Response deadlines and smart reminders help you easily keep up.

Everyone remains aligned on who needs to make the next move.

Welcome & onboard new employees

  • Keep onboarding personal & delightful  without having to find overlapping availability in everyone’s calendar.
  • Share old bubbles with new teammates to get them up to speed.

Capture visual assets and inspiration from anywhere

Start an async conversation in a single click with our free browser extension.

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