How to Run a Project Kickoff Meeting that Kickstarts Success

Starting a project right is crucial for success. This article shows you how to nail your project kickoff meeting, ensuring that it aligns your team, sets clear goals, and keeps everyone on the same page from day one. Jump in to learn more!


James Moffatt


June 11, 2024

What is a Project Kickoff Meeting?

A project kickoff meeting is the professional world's version of a referee blowing their whistle in a rugby match, and its purpose is to get the ball rolling (pun intended). The kickoff is the initial meeting held in a team to officially start a project. Due to this, your kickoff meeting must bring together the project team, stakeholders, and sponsors so that you are able to fully establish a common understanding of the project's objectives, scope, and deliverables. You need everyone to be aligned and on the same page for a project to be successful, and this meeting contributes heavily to this understanding. Your aim is to set the tone and make sure the goals and expectations are known team-wide.

How Do You Announce a Project Kickoff?

Announcing a project kickoff well is important for ensuring that all relevant participants are informed and prepared to get started. Start by sending a formal invitation out in your team's preferred method of communication to all team members and any external participants such as project sponsors and stakeholders. Include the date, time, and location (or virtual meeting link) of the kickoff meeting and make sure that people have their AI note-taker ready to record if this is a virtual kickoff meeting. If team members do not have a note-taker connected, then prompt them to get this done so that no key information is lost during the meeting. Our recommendation would be to point them in the direction of Bubbles for AI meeting notes, especially due to Bubbles' capabilities for post-meeting communication as well as note taking. Remember, it is all about preparation.

Furthermore, include some background information about the project in this announcement. Attach the meeting agenda (check ours out below) so that participants can prepare, which helps ensure that the meeting is productive and focused. Here is also a good place to highlight key participants, including who will lead the meeting and how the others should involve themselves in the discussion.

What Should a Project Kickoff Include?

A good project kickoff meeting should cover several key elements on its path to aiding a successful start. Here are the essential components:

  1. Introduction and Icebreakers: If it's the first of its kind, then start the meeting with brief introductions and icebreaker questions to help team members get acquainted and develop an understanding of who they'll be working with.
  2. Project Overview: Context is important, so don't leave anything on the table! Give a high-level overview of the project, and be detailed. Include its objectives, scope, and significance to individual employees and the company as a whole.
  3. Roles and Responsibilities: People need to know their roles, so clearly define these roles and responsibilities for each team member and/or stakeholder. This sets the project off to a good, confusion free start.
  4. Project Plan and Timeline: Present the project plan to manage expectations, including the project timeline, milestones, and key deliverables. This is also where you should set any OKRs for the project.
  5. Communication Channels: How are you all going to collaborate and get the job done? People need to know, so discuss the communication channels that will be used throughout the project, such as email, project management software, and regular meetings. If you are a team that is leaning towards holding plenty of virtual meetings, then make sure you know proper virtual meeting etiquette, and make sure you are not wasting time and energy within these meetings. How can you ensure this? Well, a good start is to use an AI note-taker in meetings. Our personal favorite is Bubbles Notetaker - not only is it free, but the full recordings, transcriptions and action items in the automated follow-up email are very detailed and help us to remember every key detail from our meetings. Give it a try in your next virtual meeting and you might just find similar results!
  6. Risk Management: It's important to identify any potential risks in the project, as well as how you will mitigate or manage them. This proactive approach may help to prevent issues from halting or completely derailing the project.
  7. Questions and Next Steps: Allow time for questions and clarifications, then finish up by outlining the next steps and action items. However, if you use Bubbles instead, you can skip this outlining step, as this will be done for you automatically through your follow-up email.

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How Do You Write a Kickoff Meeting Agenda?

It is particularly crucial to create a well-structured meeting agenda for kickoff meetings so that you get off on the right foot. With this in mind, we have created a meeting agenda template for you to use in your next project kickoff:

Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda

  1. Welcome and Introductions (10 minutes)
    • Introduce team members and anyone else involved
    • Icebreaker questions to start building communication
  2. Project Overview (15 minutes)
    • Project objectives and goals (with OKRs if applicable)
    • Project scope and significance to individuals and the company
    • Statement of Work (SOW) overview
  3. Roles and Responsibilities (15 minutes)
    • Introduction of any project teams
    • Explanation of individual roles and responsibilities within these teams and in general
    • Discussion of RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, Informed) matrix
  4. Project Plan and Timeline (20 minutes)
    • Presentation of the project plan and timeline
    • Key milestones to get the job done
    • Discussion of project schedule (break down elements of the project)
  5. Communication Channels (10 minutes)
    • Overview of communication methods and tools you will use
    • Frequency and format of project updates that is required for management
    • Establishment of regular meeting schedules (or regular asynchronous updates - such as recording a bubble)
  6. Risk Management (15 minutes)
    • What are the potential risks and challenges
    • Discussion of how you can mitigate risk
    • Assignment of risk management responsibilities
  7. Questions and Clarifications (10 minutes)
    • Open floor for questions, discussion and clarification of any doubt or concern
  8. Next Steps and Action Items (10 minutes)
    • This is where you do your meeting recap. Summarize key takeaways from the meeting, including immediate action items (and who is responsible for them), next steps, and follow-up actions.

Unique Tips for a Successful Project Kickoff Meetings

1. Start with a Clear Vision and Goals

Spend time to really find a clear vision for the project and set specific, measurable goals. This helps align the team fully, leaving no margin for error. You also provide a shared sense of purpose. According to a study by TeamStage, a lack of clear goals is the most common factor (37%) for project failure, so there's your motivation.

2. Use Visual Aids and Project Management Software

From sales meetings to onboarding sessions, visual aids such as Gantt charts, timelines, and flowcharts can be massively instrumental to how well you illustrate the project plan and timeline. It's no different for your kickoff call or meeting!

3. Use and Leverage Helpful Technology

Using technology well can really enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your project kickoff meetings. Tools like Bubbles can play a crucial role, especially in virtual settings. Not only is your AI note-taker crucial, but Bubbles' screen recorder means you can also record and share detailed explanations of complex parts of the project as it progresses, making it easier for team members to give feedback and help you by commenting or recording their own bubble in response. 

4. Emphasize the Importance of Stakeholder Engagement

Ensure that any stakeholders are actively engaged in the kickoff meeting. Their input, insights and buy-in, are critical for project success. Discuss any roles they could take care of, expectations, and how they can contribute to the project's objectives. In PMI's 2017 survey, 62% of successfully completed projects had sponsors who were actively supportive, which just goes to show the benefit of involving these people.

5. Address Potential Challenges and Scope Creep

We have mentioned this, but make sure to be proactive in discussing potential challenges and how to handle scope creep. In doing so, make sure there is a clear process for managing changes to the project scope, including approval workflows and any impact assessments that will naturally come alongside. This helps keep the project on track and within budget.


Running a successful project kickoff meeting is essential for setting the foundation for a successful project. You need to keep everyone aligned from the get-go to ensure collaborative efforts and contributions are top-tier. With the tips and tricks provided here, you are well on your way to achieving full alignment. Be proactive with aspects like technology, including AI tools such as Bubbles, and always remember the importance of this meeting within your teamwork and company. Good luck!

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Collaborate better with your team

Get your point across using screen, video, and audio messages. Bubbles is free, and offers unlimited recordings with a click of a button.

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